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Missionary work and Diaconia

Hope for women/Sunshine Hannah

The Sunshine Hannah group operates as part of the Church of Finland's official mission organization Mediajähetys Sansansaattajien, SANSA, Hope for Women project. In international operations, SANSA cooperates with TWR (Trans World Radio).

The goal of the Hope for Women programs is that women around the world can hear and believe that they are valuable in their own language, have hope and a dignified life. Half of the program is teaching about Christianity, Jesus. Many hear about Christ for the first time. The other half of the program is teaching women about practical issues, e.g. hygiene, care of babies, children and home. Through women, the influence is transferred to families, children, men.

In 2018, we have gathered at St. Andrews Church on Tuesdays every other week during spring, autumn and winter a total of 9 times. Meetings have been attended by 3-9 people. Pastor Mia Hagman has also participated in the activity and brought theological knowledge to the discussions.

The most important thing has been to pray at home by ourselves and when we are together. In our gatherings, we pray for the Odia language (33 million speakers) media mission work being done in India, the state of Odisha. So we pray for the women, children and families of Odisha and for women, girls and families in general. We pray for the Toivoa naisille programs in Odija. We pray that hearing God's word will lead to the birth of faith in the listeners of the program and increase the well-being of children and families through teaching. This has happened a lot. The body of the prayers is the same, common prayer calendar used internationally, where there is a small prayer for each day. The destination changes every month.

We have shared information about the situation in India and about mission work in general. Information has been shared about the activities of the Media Association of Messengers (Sansa), the official broadcasting organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, as well as feedback that listeners have sent to local actors.

In our meetings, we have also gotten to know the women of the Bible. The leader of the group has made a small introduction about a woman from the Bible whom we have met and discussed about her. When we gather, we collect a voluntary donation to financially support the implementation of Odisha's Hope for Women broadcasts. With our donations, 12 title radio programs with reruns have been produced

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