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Memorial service at St. Andrew's Church

In baptism, the sign of the cross is drawn on our hearts. The sign of the cross follows us throughout our lives, and the cross leads us at the end of life also across the border of death. It is a sign of life that leads us to God. We can safely leave ourselves and our loved ones in the care of God. The promise given in baptism applies both in life and in death.

During the blessing of the grave and the memorial service, the relatives and other loved ones pray for their deceased loved one and accompany him on his last journey, relying on the word of God.

The message of the resurrection gives hope; see you again.

Small and large blessing and memorial services are organized at St. Andrew's Church. Our pastor also holds blessing ceremonies of different sizes in nursing homes and homes, both in the burial ground and in the chapels of the funeral home. Memorial services held in the church often include a cantor, who takes care of the desired music for the occasion. Our parish charges a fee for deliveries.

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